Monday, July 10, 2006

akihbara and the toilets

Even in the dull flat low-saturation light, Akihabara still manages to somehow look both colorful and lively. Full of electronic shops all trying to grab your attention, Brian and I got lost in loads of camera equipement, notebooks, mac shops and other goodies.

However after a long day in the humid warm weather, you'll feel the need for a refreshment, and probably will eventually need to dehydrate - i.e. go to the bathroom. That's what I did, and was welcomed by the sight of a high tech toilet such as the one below. Of especial fun is the spray button - I wonder what happens if you increase the pressure!

aw brian - i thought you'd like this article:

though i doubt you'll have time to read it for the time being - lots more fun things to do :-)
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