Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sony DSC-T30 mini review

I admit, I have a weakness for well-designed, stylish gadgets: Apple, Sony, etc. The main reasons I bought the Sony DSC-T33 were the beautiful brushed aluminium case, large 2.5" LCD screen and the good picture quality. A nice bonus is the ability to record movies limited only by the free space left on the Memory Stick.

There is only one major problem - the DSC-T33 is frankly unuseable at night and low light conditions.

The recently released DSC-T30 loses the brushed aluminium, gets a plastic black/silver job, 7.2 megapixels, an amazing 3" LCD screen (brighter and crisper), an extended ISO range from 80 to 1000, longer battery life due to the bigger type-R battery and the handy ability to zoom while shooting movies.

All lovely but as useful as a chocolate teapot if the night time performance were to be as bad as the DSC-T33. Luckily it isn't. I don't know what Sony told their engineers (maybe to go out and get some night life?) but the night time performance is orders of magnitude better.

BTW, did I mention that awesome 3" screen?

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