Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Electric City

Akihabara - such a creative use of electricity and space I have yet to see. We woke up Monday morning, had a Japanese style breakfast (more on that in another post) and then walked down to Akihabara. The ryokan where we are staying is close to Akihabara being situated just two blocks away.

You will find any gadget you want. And you will find it at different prices. The big shops will invariably have charge a higher price. For example, I saw the Sony DSC-T30 priced ¥47,000, ¥49,000 and ¥53,0000. So our advice is to look around. Having said that, we found cosistently low prices at Sofmap. Sofmap have at least 2/3 stores scattered around Akihabara one of which is a Mac-only store :)

One interesting fact is that Mac prices are the same at all the shops we've seen. So if you're gonna buy a Mac (and we highly recommend you do; yes, even you Linux fans out there), just go to the Mac Store and do your bit for Apple's market share.

You need two things to visit Akihabara: money and your passport. Ask the shop if they have a duty-free price and show them your passport. The 5% saved can then be spent more usefully on sake or beer ;)

Be warned, the prices may be low but certain items may be in Japanese only. For a laptop that may not be a problem, a digital camera may be something else.

Lots of walking and the weather, which is hot and humid, took their toll and in the afternoon we stopped for some food and Asahi. So far, food has always been from good to excellent and prices are not expensive ranging from ¥1,000 ($8 / Lm3) to ¥2,000.

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